Welcome to Santa Maria Care Center

Santa Maria Care Center has been in the neighborhood providing family orientated essential nursing and clinical services to the Santa Maria area since 1961.

Santa Maria Care Center provides a multi-disciplinary therapy and nursing approach, allowing patients access to a range of suitable programs including physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech language pathology, and wound care.

Santa Maria Care Center cares about its patients and residents. If you come here for short term rehab and discover you like the attention and care you receive, you are welcome to stay with us and call us home! This is a good question to ask other providers!

Drop by! Come meet us!

We are a bunch of caring souls who have found a livelihood that fits! Our administrator, Walter, is the head honcho of the facility. Around the corner is Sherry, the Director of Nursing and as the Director, she is where the really tough questions get answered. Across the Activity Room is where Sam, Denny, and her dogs reside.

As the Social Service Coordinator extraordinaire, Denny helps you get adjusted to your time with us as well as transition and prepare for your trip home. She also helps you become a dog lover with her group of well trained dogs! Sam, our enthusiastic Activity Ringleader, and his sidekick, Lindsay, will get you socially involved to the best of your ability. He also makes sure you are provided with the correct walker, wheelchair, and a refill of coffee. Lindsay gives the best manicures, hand massages, and lots of simple hand holding. In the kitchen, the Dietary Manager, Junior, and his team put out a beautiful menu of yummy feel good comfort food specifically attuned to your dietary restrictions and/or nutritional needs.

If you come and stay with us, you will get very acquainted with the Charge Nurses who give medications and keep in touch with your physician. Our CNAs are the real hands-on caregivers. You will know them by name and thank them as they love and care for you. Ramirson, our Maintenance Man, makes sure the lights are working, your clothes are washed, and the floors are polished. He ensures the whole facility is fresh and clean. We are family owned and understand family deserves quality. Give us a chance to care for yours!

Located at: 820 West Cook St. Santa Maria, CA 93458